Pan & Flip Restaurant – Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang

Have you ever tried visiting a restaurant putting on Western, Indonesian, and Chinese cuisine included in its menus? If have not, Pan & Flip restaurant can be the answer of fulfilling your curiosity. Located at Supermal Karawaci in Tangerang, it becomes one of lip-smacking culinary spots you can visit while having a walk. As I am wondering about its spectacular bone marrow soup, here is the quick review about it.




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Quiznos Snack – Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang


While strolling around Supermal Karawaci mall, I am captivated by this brand new subway-like restaurant that is quite popular on social medias nowadays. Located next to Tous Les Jours bakery shop and Imperial Lamian Chinese restaurant, it is not difficult for you to find this restaurant just in seconds. The concept is all about green and the menus displayed behind the cashiers are almost the same just like Subway. There are several menus within different kinds of sizes and variations (starting from 6″ up to 12″). For this time, I buy the Mesquite Chicken with the size of 12″.


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