Sop Ayam Pak Min Klaten – Kota Tangerang


Can you believe if chicken soup, a typical home-cooking menu consisting of mixed vegetables with chicken broth can be found anywhere across the street nowadays? If you cannot, read on this blog entry as I find one of the big-name food stalls specializing in this kind of dish. Judging from the outside view, the stall is quite spacious and green and wide. Most importantly, freaking crowded!  Continue reading “Sop Ayam Pak Min Klaten – Kota Tangerang”


Nasi Tjandoe – UPH Bazaar Week, Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang

Bazaar week at Pelita Harapan University, Lippo Karawaci is officially over! Abundant food stalls you can visit are mostly dominated by Indonesian typical culinary traits. To open this day 5 journey, we begin with this cutie-innocent iconic girl food stall selling its signature mixed-rice menus starting from special set menu to complete set menu. Tjandoe (old-spelled Indonesian word) or candu actually means addicted. So, no wonder if this word is chosen as the trademark to make its customers get addicted to it. Both menus look sooooo yummy, but only in special menu will you have half-salted egg. As we do not really like salted egg, eventually we have made up our mind of choosing the complete set menu.



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Padang: A Hand-Eating Lifestyle

WEST SUMATRA – Possessing over 40.000 sq km width, there are not only several numbers of wonderful lakes stretched in the bay of the entire province that can be enjoyed, but also mesmerizing volcanoes, mountains and prominent landscape that become the apple of all the pleasure seekers’ eyes. Known for its nasi Padang, it is no wonder that Padangnese people emphasize coconut milk and spicy chili as the main ingredients. If looking the way Indonesians especially Padangnese people eat, using one’s hand is very common and considered as a custom since the beginning of its civilization. This is why foreigners are curious enough to feel the experience.

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