Mie Kangkung – UPH Bazaar Week

After having mixed-rice dish, we are having another attempt of trying mie kangkung, a noodle signature dish coming from the capital city of Indonesia, exactly from Betawi. What makes it unique is the presence of kangkung vegetable or called water spinach as the companion. Besides, its brown-colored thick soup is made of chicken or beef broth along with sweet soy sauce. At the end, it is added with a dash of kaffir lime, bean sprouts and fried shallots to make it more appetizing. Aren’t you drooling away now, folks?


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Nasi Tjandoe – UPH Bazaar Week

Bazaar week at Pelita Harapan University, Lippo Karawaci is officially over! Abundant food stalls you can visit are mostly dominated by Indonesian typical culinary traits. To open this day 5 journey, we begin with this cutie-innocent iconic girl food stall selling its signature mixed-rice menus starting from special set menu to complete set menu. Tjandoe (old-spelled Indonesian word) or candu actually means addicted. So, no wonder if this word is chosen as the trademark to make its customers get addicted to it. Both menus look sooooo yummy, but only in special menu will you have half-salted egg. As we do not really like salted egg, eventually we have made up our mind of choosing the complete set menu.



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Three Bonos Meatballs – UPH Bazaar Week

Starting from today, May 23 2016, be ready to grab the atmosphere of bazaar week UPH up to May 27, 2016. One of the meals we try for today is from Three Bonos Meatballs combining macaroni pasta and meatballs completed with mushroom sauce. Actually, you can customize it by adding marinara sauce as the other option. For this time, having its mushroom sauce is pretty tantalizing. Isn’t it like Swedish meatball at IKEA Alam Sutera?


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