About the Author

An Indonesian-Palembangnese generation in the 1993s raised in Chinese-influenced culture who professes herself as a logophile freak, food & travel junkie, wordsmith rookie and sportswoman fancier. Holding a bachelor of education from English language & teaching major at one of the most reputable universities in Tangerang is one of her accomplishments in life. She is a devoted Christian though she was not used to. As introvert and extrovert features as well as sanguine-choleric temperament possess her personality traits, no wonder she enjoys meeting new people and being alone at the simultaneous time.


She is the last child among 2 other siblings (one elder brother and one elder sister). Her parents both are Palembangnese making a permanent settlement in Tangerang city since in the year 2000. Oh, never forget her ‘additional’ family members named Donat (DoD: March 18, 2017) and Jekko, a pretty-cutie bitch she has been adopting since 2013. (rawwr..)


She likes doing sports to relieve her stress and depression such as swimming, badminton and gymnastic.


She is madly, truly, deeply in love with English since elementary school without figuring out the reason why. No wonder she enjoys blogging, writing, reading and translating general documents from English to Indonesian and vice versa. Besides, she loves watching movies with her dad or friends. Her musicality is something you cannot underestimate of as she has a talent in it, most people say. Being an amateur food-travel blogger makes herself realize of finding her own passion in blogging about food and travel stuffs. Nevertheless, she is keen to learn more about food and travel photography one lovely day 🙂


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