Onokabe “All You Can Eat” Suki & Grill – Alam Sutera Town Center, Tangerang


So, this is it. The brand new Onokabe “All You Can Eat” Suki & Grill restaurant is officially in town! Established since November 2, 2016, no wonder if you still can see abundant colorful yet fancy bouquets scattered across the street along with these three cutie-chubby sumo icons. Aren’t they too cute and cheerful to be true?


According to several medias I read, Onokabe restaurant is a kind of start-up business in F&B industry specializing in AYCE (Re: All You Can Eat) Suki (boiled foods with chosen broth) & Grill under the authorization of Boga Group. Though it sounds more Japanese at a glance, it is actually derived from Javanese language meaning “everything is there” or “you can find have it all here” in literal. I find this name is catchy because no one will realize about this kind of stuff.

If looking deeply through the restaurant concept – sumo, a pretty famous Japanese wrestler here represents massive amount of food intake. So, perhaps the idea is to provide the superior-quality food as much as possible no matter how much you eat. Kinda makes sense to me, I guess.


As seeing through the entrance door, you will be welcomed with these two waitresses who are ready to serve you with their sincere heart and full professionalism. If you are meticulous enough, all the waitresses wear a kind of T-shirt followed by small sumo icons, representing the brand identity of Onokabe restaurant itself. And while approaching to the door, you will only see the innocent sumo icon staring at you.


As it has more than 100 assorted kinds of buffet menus starting from starchy up to fried ones, be ready to have such unforgettable culinary experience both local and international delicacies fresh from the oven. Besides, it also has Korean and Chinese foods you can enjoy. Unfortunately, I only try its spaghetti menu as I arrived at 2.30 pm. It is not too shabby, but lack of seasoning.



I will say that this is the heaven for all carnivores in the world as you will be spoiled with various kinds of meat like beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, squid, etc. that are perfectly blended with many saucing styles such as BBQ chicken, beef szechuan (Chinese typical cooking style. Usually sour & spicy), black pepper, chicken curry, garlic sauce and many more. Do not worry for not having any vegetables while eating because you will also see several of them such as pumpkins, lettuce, carrots, and so forth.

Meanwhile at the other side, I only see sushi and several vegetables because the rest are already out of stock. The sushi tastes great and incredible! A must-try menu!


Here is the real ambiance you can see inside Onokabe restaurant. Most of the tables are the long and wide ones because Onokabe is set for big family gathering, making this all-you-can-eat restaurant earn its fame day by day. Similar to Korean restaurant, you will see chimney-like things dangling above the grill as the coolers.

After helping myself to sit down, I observe on each table is provided with a BBQ grill and an electric stove (for cooking the suki menus). After that, one of the waitresses comes to my table, explaining about these two things. I now understand that diners can grill their meat and boil everything to eat at the simultaneous time. What a concept!



For the suki broth, there are 7 kinds of it such as chicken collagen, tom yum kung, beef herb, soto (Indonesian style yellowish soup), etc. Unfortunately, the options are only chicken collagen broth that can be refillable at this moment and soto. For me personally, the chicken collagen one is a little bit blatant, but is quite delicious. And remember this, making soto as the basic broth for suki is not really recommended unless you want to challenge yourself with the anti-mainstream suki eating experience.

As the suki menus are not displayed nearby buffet and meat menus, you can grab them easily at the long conveyor belt on each side of the table just like having a dining experience in the real Japanese restaurants.


Voila! The chosen meat is ready to be grilled. Beneath, you see a kind of paper functioned as the protector to make sure that your meat is not overcooked – a kind of unique concept I rarely find at other BBQ restaurants in Tangerang and Jakarta. Overall, the meat is tastier – if create your own dipped seasoning before grilling. However, I am a little bit upset with the chicken as it has many small bones while chewing it because I expect that it is served in fillet way.

For the drinks, there are only sweet-iced and iced tea because the rest of the beverages are completely unavailable. So, I only try its ice cream within the four flavors such as chocolate, durian, coffee, and vanilla. They are all great and successfully captured my heart. And for the snack, there is only salty popcorn just like at the cinemas.

Based on the first culinary experience I have at Onokabe restaurant, here are the scores.

  • Taste: 75 / 100
  • Ambiance: 85 / 100
  • Service: 85/ 100
  • Price: 80 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 80 / 100

For the suki & grill menus, there are two kinds of packages such as child (IDR 89.000++) and adult (IDR 129.000++). Meanwhile, the buffet menu starts from IDR 85.000++ (lunch and weekdays only). All these packages are excluded from tax and services. Though it is somewhat pricey, but it is worth to try.

About Onokabe Restaurant

  • Address: Jl. Alam Utama Kav 26, Alam Sutera Town Center (across The Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera) Serpong Utara, Tangerang 15413
  • Phone: (021) 2921 1515
  • Business Hours: 11.00 am – 03. 00 pm (lunch); 06.00 pm – 10.00 pm (dinner)
  • COMING SOON entertainment area on the second floor, functioned as waiting room along with kids playground, football game, and reflexology corner (massage chair)
  • Free wifi and snacks
  • For more photogenic pictures and updates, find Onokabe on instagram @onokabe_id

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