Bakmie Aloi – Grogol, West Jakarta


It is been almost 4 years since I have paid a visit to my hometown, a city which was a dead witness of my birth in the year 1993, a place I spent my childhood period in. Gosh, I kinda realize how much I miss its foods especially the slurp-friendly types of noodles. For those who feel the same way like I do, never get discouraged at all because there are several Palembangnese noodle stalls opened in Jakarta. Quite a good news, huh?


Bakmie Aloi noodle stall brings me back to the childhood era when I used to have this on weekends. Though I cannot really remember its taste, but the memory keeps lingering on my mind. In Jakarta, it looks pretty tremendous, quite different in Palembang within a kind of traditional Chinese-style noodle stall within a big-shaped circle table that can fit up to 10 people.


Its open kitchen view is still the same. The difference is the presence of Go-Jek motorbike driver who can pick up the order based on the customer’s orders.


The open kitchen is exactly the same like what I have been imagining about. Kinda hectic, but its fast-paced service is worth two thumbs up.


This is the complete menu by Bakmie Aloi. As Palembang is the main branch, you will see the menu of pempek (fish cakes) along with your noodle. Unfortunately, I do not try it for this moment. After a few minutes, my choice is chasiu (pork) noodle and fried pork dumplings.


The dumplings look OK as their yellowish-golden color are quite radiant. However, the taste is just ordinary because they are actually pork. Though I cannot feel the real pork inside the dumplings, but their crispiness are great.


The real star is just coming up! Palembangnese-style chasiu noodle. The presentation is exactly the same of having a red spoon at the right side beneath the noodle. Garnished with bean sprouts, spring onions and two types of pork, it can make you drooling enough. The dark brown pork is cooked and soaked in soy sauce, meanwhile the light one is stir-fried with the help of soy sauce. Although technique is slightly different,  they taste perfect! The noodle texture is OK for me, but it is slightly oily.

This is the rating in accordance with what I have as my brunchie.

  • Taste: 90 / 100
  • Service: 90 / 100
  • Price: 80 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 85 / 100
  • Ambiance: 80 / 100

For one bowl of chasiu noodle, it is IDR 28,000,-. Meanwhile, for one bowl of dumplings ( 3 pcs) is IDR 4.000,- each. The ambiance is quite homey, but it is very crowded especially in the afternoon. In the midst of tremendous crowd, the service is very professional – you only have to wait approximately 10 minutes before your menus are served.


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