Sop Ayam Pak Min Klaten – Kota Tangerang


Can you believe if chicken soup, a typical home-cooking menu consisting of mixed vegetables with chicken broth can be found anywhere across the street nowadays? If you cannot, read on this blog entry as I find one of the big-name food stalls specializing in this kind of dish. Judging from the outside view, the stall is quite spacious and green and wide. Most importantly, freaking crowded! 


At first, I notice the traditional concept of common Indonesian food stalls of having the wooden-long chairs and tables within the hanging fans as the ‘air conditioner’ as well as the blue wagon as the ‘kitchen’. Oh, you can see the picture of Pak & Ibu Min (Mr & Mrs. Min), the founder of this food stall who are from Klaten, one of the cities in Central Java.


There are 3 people who are in charge of this food stall. One is for the cashier, another one is for the cooking, and the other one is the helper, you can say. They look fatigue enough, don’t they? PS: I am sorry if the picture is blurry as the auto focus is off. 


What captures me most is the neat and well-prepared cooking station as there are many bowls arranged tidily filled with the chicken meat based on the orders. The arrangement is exactly like Padang restaurant of serving the foods on the table.


For the menu, you have to pay a close attention to the yellowish banner hung on the wall. Because I like chicken breast pretty much, my choice is nasi sop pisah dada pechok (chicken breast soup with rice). The word pechok in Javanese language means steam. So, you can assume the chicken breast is steamed before served.


On the table, you will find not only lime but also these types of gorengan or fritters consisting of tempeh, tofu, and perkedel kentang (starchy croquette). For me, the taste is not too shabby but quite tough to eat.


Chicken soup dish will not be enough if there are not any shredded spring onions. Different from home-cooking style, this soup only contains broth and chicken breast. I truly like the chicken breast as it is juicy, succulent, thick and tender that can blow your mind away for seconds.


For the broth, it is absolutely outstanding as the rich flavor of spices used seem blend flawlessly in one dish, making you want to have it more and more. Besides, you can feel the pepper through the broth itself, increasing your appetite. However, it is a little too salty that can boost your thirst three times higher than the usual aftertaste.

This is it. Mark-scoring time based on what I have for my lovely lunchie.

  • Taste: 90 / 100
  • Service: 90 / 100
  • Ambiance: 70 / 100
  • Price: 90 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 75 / 100

You can see the complete price for each menu above. So, are you willing enough to have an ultimate bowl of chicken soup in such street-food ambiance?

Additional Info

  • Address: Jl. Taman Makam Pahlawan Taruna, Kota Tangerang, Tangerang
  • Monday – Sunday (08.00 am – 09.00 pm)
  • Below IDR 50.000,-
  • No Wi-Fi & Air Conditioner

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