Sunny Side Up – Summarecon Mal Serpong, Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Hearing the name of this restaurant may make you wonder how great its egg benedict signature is. Cutie egg benedict logo,  friendly waiters and eye-catchy ornaments are just perfect. After not paying a visit for almost a year, I make up my mind of having lunch at Sunny Side Up nearby downtown Summarecon Mal Serpong 2.


Whoa. The concept is absolutely brand-new as there are several graffiti emblazoning the  concrete brick wall starting from Japanese kind of writing up to several cute pictures. And, one of the waitresses is standing by to pay an attention for the visitors to take the order. She wears blue and yellow uniform, representing the logo of the restaurant itself.


What captures me most is the decoration surrounding the cashier with such cute and photogenic ornaments you will not definitely forget about.



Busted! The waitress is immediately cleaning up the table after the visitors left. I think this is one of the professionalisms that every single waiter or waitress should be aware of. If looking further, you will see an entrance door to the outside area. You can assume that this restaurant has both outdoor and indoor dining styles.


Oh geez! See the menu book? So breathtaking, photogenic and cute! But it is quite heavy to bring, though. While reading on the menu thoroughly, you will find several things such as follows:

  • Steak special menus
  • Omurice special menus (a fusion between omelette and rice. Actually, you can customize yours as well as add various kinds of toppings)
  • Egg tofu signature menu (usually at the appetizer menu)
  • Other appetizer menus
  • Japanese menus
  • Western menus
  • Dessert menus

Seriously, Sunny Side Up has reborn! It mingles Western and Japanese menus in one. What I know previously is it has only Western menus such as egg benedict, beef bacon and sausage. As its Japanese menus are quite a try, I choose Tamagoyaki Nori & Rendang Omurice.


Its thick egg colored with chopped nori accompanied by mustard sauce makes it look so yummy. However, it does not really turn out as expected. The egg is slightly sweet and not salty at all. As I prefer salty foods instead of the sweet ones, this is a little bit disappointing. But, isn’t it instagrammable, folks?


The main course is coming to my table! An assimilation between two countries sharing not only the same history but also the cuisine with the name Rendang Omurice. The meat and shredded tomato are put at the top of the egg stabbed with sunny side up cutie little flag. Looks so tantalizing, huh? Would like to see the inside of it?


Ta-da! It appears like this after half=eaten. Honestly, it betrays me a little bit as well. The meat is quite salty, but there is something missing, perhaps either the spice or the food-processing method. The egg is pretty delicate and thin, but it is OK for me. Somewhat, I really love the concept of the dish even though the taste is just so-so.

Let’s moving on to the scoring.

  • Taste: 80 / 100
  • Service: 85 / 100
  • Ambiance: 95 / 100
  • Price: 80 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 90 / 100

For Tamagoyaki Nori, It costs IDR 28,000,-. Meanwhile, Rendang Omurice is worth IDR 47.000,-. Quite a standard price of eating at the restaurant, I guess.


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