Genki Sushi – Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta


Who does not love sushi nowadays?  Its delectable and savory taste from every single bite drives you pretty crazy. For this time, I will have my sushi made fresh from Genki Sushi’s oven. Unfortunately, this Japanese food stall is currently unavailable in Tangerang. So, you have to be in Jakarta fighting for its daily heavy traffic jam if wanting to visit this place. 

Looking at its logo, I am still wondering why the emoticon seems unfriendly as it has a kind of frown expression – only the owner and God know. However, the staff is pretty outgoing with each customer who visit the stall. It does not only offer ala carte type of sushi but also lunch menu set that can be varied.


While going inside, I am enthralled by its unique concept of restaurant that uses long-sized tamiya (Japanese type of car toy) controlled by the chef from the kitchen. Besides, I am given an iPad to order the menu as well as to directly see the bill once the menu is ordered. After ordering the menu, I am captured by the toy-like train railway. Such a gorgeous, isn’t it?


After the menu is picked, do not forget to press the button blinking to make the car go backwards. And the basin beside the button? I have no idea as there is a caution for not touching it. As this is my first try, I will have salmon and egg sushi(s) with garlic as well as zaru udon.  


The salmon looks so succulent and tender, right? Be happy if you have been expecting for that kind of texture as the fact says so. The most important is, it is not fishy at all though it is 100% raw salmon fish. Topped with mayonnaise-like garlic, this is a bomb for your gut, believe me.


The second menu, egg or tamago sushi with garlic is also not bad at all. You can sense the coldness but tasty and thick egg emblazoned with ribbon-sized nori or Japanese type of seaweed perfected with garlic at the top. This is also worth a try!



Eventually, I do not forget of capturing the snapshot while my udon is served using the tamiya. For Japanese, having a cold udon or soba noodle is a casual way of eating noodle. Though the udon and broth are cold, they taste incredible and outstanding. The presentation is cute, isn’t it? 

As usual, let’s go to the scoring, shall we?

  • Taste: 90 / 100
  • Price: 80 / 100
  • Ambiance: 90 / 100
  • Service: 100 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 85 / 100

For one small plate of salmon sushi, it is worth IDR 26,000,-. Meanwhile, for the egg sushi and zaru udon are worth IDR 19,000,- and IDR 25,000,-. Its expensive cost is pretty a worth compared to the scrumptious taste fresh from the oven.


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