Shao Kao: Chinese Street Skewers – Ruko Batavia, Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Finally holiday season is coming to town! How delighted I am as there will be more ‘me’ or family time to discover new culinary experiences by having Shao Kao Chinese skewers at Gading Serpong. In Chinese language, Shao Kao (烧烤) means barbecue. No wonder if you smell BBQ smoke fresh from the open kitchen while heading to the entrance door.


Most people say that Shao Kao food stall never sleeps – I find it so true because the crowd is just getting tremendous especially in the night. Before enjoying your skewers, you must choose your own ones from the assorted skewers in the fridge starting from chicken, beef, mutton, seafood and pork satay completed with vegetables, meatballs and mantou (Chinese steamed bun / bread) up to the authentic Chinese cuisine such as kwetiau, noodle and vermicelli.


I choose to pick:

  • 3 pcs of chicken satay
  • 1 pcs of squid satay
  • 3 pcs of fish tofu
  • 3 pcs of enoki beef
  • 2 pcs of chicken rind
  • 2 pcs of tofu
  • 1 pcs of spicy chicken sausage

In total, I have 15 pcs of skewers as a dinner – well, not really because this food stall’s concept is like enjoying the street-food skewers inside the classy and comfy spot. So, never expect yourself to get your dummy belly full a hundred percent.


As the ambiance is very homey for youngsters, no wonder if you see abundant teenagers or young adults spending their time in here for a couple of minutes. On each table, you will spot several condiments such as chili sauce, black pepper, chili powder and an empty cylinder to put the sticks after enjoying the satay.


Fortunately, I do not forget taking a picture of the menu as your references while deciding to visit this food stall.


After almost an hour waiting, eventually my menu is coming on the table – this is the best timing for you to test your temperament, though. See? Its barbecue sauce perfectly makes your mouth drooling enough, huh?




Judging from the taste, I should say that this is absolutely delicious! Even though the way it looks is just like ordinary satay, it is rich of flavor while having a bite. Besides, do not worry of the fishy smell because you will not feel it, believe me. Actually, you can choose the kind of seasoning besides barbecue such as salt and original.

So, let’s go to the scoring system based on what I have today.

  • Taste: 90 / 100
  • Price: 75 / 100
  • Ambiance: 85 / 100
  • Service: 70 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 80 / 100

Each satay costs from IDR 5,000,- up to IDR 25,000 depending on the item you pick. Considered a little bit expensive, but visiting here is quite worth a visit.

To see the complete review about Shao Kao, kindly check or directly visit its website on 🙂


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