Ayam Kremes Bu Tjondro – Ruko Paramount, Gading Serpong

Most of the countries in the world have their own versions of chicken dish starting from street-food up to elegant class as it becomes one of international food staples. In Indonesia, there are two different kinds of chicken such as the organic (known as ayam kampung) and broiler (typically, it is called ayam negeri). Only at Bu Tjondro restaurant will you find not only the epic delicacy of chicken in Indonesian style but also its Javanese type of ambiance that you may not forget. 



What I find it intriguing is its binder-concept of menu that is so anti-mainstream. Usually at most restaurants, you will find eye-catchy, colorful and photogenic menus. However, only at this restaurant will you see the college-students concept of menu within its vivid pictures and straightforward details. Such a distinctive, isn’t it?


Three packages are commonly offered combined with Indonesian typical vegetables such as sayur urap (steamed vegetables mixed with spicy grated coconut), sayur pecel (mixed vegetables with peanut sauce) and sayur asem (Indonesian tamarind soup). Curious about how these taste? Give a shot to try, folks!



The ambiance is very classic as it has the touch of Javanese style. From the ornaments up to the interior concept, it does not have any air conditioner. For those who want to feel the real experience of having lunch like in the real Central Java province, feel free to have a visit. After discussing for a couple of minutes, eventually I order these menus.


Ayam Negeri Goreng Kremes (Crunchy Fried Broiler Chicken)


Well, it is quite hard to find the proper word for the term kremes in English. You can assume that it is made of turmeric, deep-fried until it reaches the ultimate crunchiness you will not ever forget. Usually, it is a kind of yellowish-salty sprinkle as the final touch of the scrumptious fried chicken dish. I like the texture of the chicken as it is tender and crunchy enough. However, for one whole size chicken dish, it is considered small for 3 – 4 people.

Ayam Bakar Kampung (Roasted Organic Chicken)


From the presentation, I am truly pleased by its boiling sweet soy sauce beneath inside the Javanese type of bowl. Besides, the color is flawless followed by the high expectation of the taste. Compared to the broiler chicken, this texture of chicken is juicier that is almost like a bowl of porridge. The sauce is amazingly bombastic as it blows your mind away while eating it. However, same from the previous dish, it is considered small size for one whole size chicken.

Sayur Pecel (Mixed Vegetables with Peanut Sauce)


Judging from the portion, it is considered regular and fit for one person. Its brownish peanut sauce color is very dense. But for me, the sauce is too sweet compared to other Javanese restaurants.

So, here are the scores based on my observation and personal indulgence.

  • Taste: 80 / 100
  • Price: 85 / 100
  • Service: 75 / 100
  • Ambiance: 80 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 80 / 100

One main reason I will come back to this restaurant is because of its affordable price. For each package menu, it is worth IDR 20,000,-. Meanwhile, for one whole size broiler chicken, it is IDR 43,000,- and IDR 52,000,- for one whole size organic chicken. So, what are you waiting for? Curious enough to try?

Wanting to know the complete address? See this picture below.



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