Song Fa Bak Kut Teh – Maxx Box Lippo Village

Still, I am hunting another Chinese restaurant located at Karawaci, Tangerang as nowadays Western restaurants are getting scattered everywhere. Guess what? I have come up my mind of trying a bak kut teh restaurant at Maxx Box Lippo Village mall. Bak kut teh is actually a popular meat dish in Malaysia & Singapore with a broth (usually it is pork). However, Indonesians do not really like this kind of dish pretty much as it has several odd dishes such as braised pig’s intestines, kidney, liver, tail, stomach, tenderloin, trotter and belly – dare enough to try, folks? For this time, I challenge myself of visiting the restaurant. You can see that this restaurant has already been in Singapore since 1969. Gosh! Isn’t it amazing?


Being here in the lunch time is the worst decision I have made as there are many people queuing on the waiting list no matter how long they will wait. Because I got a voucher a few days ago, I think it is worth a try to use it. While looking around, I notice the menu displayed on the wall within a touch of Chinese-wooden architecture flanked by the bluish windows.


Besides, there is an auto press entrance door that is somewhat cool but bothersome. It is like you are on the scene of CIA movies by tapping your finger on the auto press scan, but you have to do it several times until it opens. Before going inside the restaurant and being called by the waiter, I take a look at its menus at first. From the menu concept, it is quite eye-catchy and photogenic.



After a few minutes waiting, Finally I can have a seat inside the restaurant and give the voucher to one of the waiters. What bothers me at the first time is the frequency of asking for the orders for about three up to four times with different waiters. Though they are wearing a kind of earphone or walkie-talkie, it does not really work well (perhaps they are overwhelmed by the heavy crowd, hmm..). Despite it, I can see the traditional atmosphere of classic Chinese restaurant by its dangling lanterns and lamps, Chinese portraits and round table that can fit up to 10 people.




You know, I am startled a little bit by the presence of wash basin at the left side within its blackish teapot nestled in there. I have no idea what is the wash basin for, but never dare to wash your hands at this basin.


After a few minutes waiting, eventually my menus are served on the table. And here are those ones.


Pork Tenderloin (R)

It looks similar to the boiled beef tenderloin, but the pork itself is very juicy, scrumptious and heavenly! Besides, the broth itself looks lite and oily but tastes wonderful that contains pepper, so be ready to feel its spiciness in your neck after having a spoonful sip. For those who are garlic and lettuce lovers, you will find them in several menus. While biting it up, it is incredibly tender and crunchy.


Pork Ribs Soup (R)

Though it is odd of imagining it served with a broth, but believe me this is absolutely amazingly delicious! Not only is it tender and juicy, but also tastes incredible as the broth’s taste blends perfectly with the meat, making you stranded in the land of pork world. Seriously, it is not that bad. This is worth your while!


Salted Vegetables (S)

I do not know why I am loving this type of vegetable for the first time as at most bak kut teh restaurants in Indonesia, the smell of this dish is somewhat rancid. But, only at Song Fa restaurant is this vegetable somewhat tasty and great. Besides, it is slightly sour as there is a taste of vinegar. Not only that, you can sense the sesame oil covered the vegetable itself. Awesome!


Groundnuts (S) and Dough Fritters (M)

Well, I do not really like boiled groundnuts as it is somewhat weird. I will suggest that you can mix the nuts with one of the broth soups to make it edible. Meanwhile, the dough fritters or cakwe is very chewy and unique as it is crunchy. Besides, the dough itself is distinctive (perhaps the real Chinese type of dough fritters is like this). Good enough to have these, I should say.


Apart from those main menus, I get two bowls of rice and two glasses of bailey beverages from the voucher. The bailey is not too sweet but not too blatant. 

Alright, so this is the rating according to my observation.

  • Taste: 95 / 100
  • Price: 70 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 80 / 100
  • Ambiance: 85 / 100
  • Service: 70 / 100

Perhaps because I visit it during lunch time, no wonder if the restaurant is very hectic. If wanting to have a visit here, after lunch time will be great. The voucher costs IDR 179,000,- (normal price is IDR 259,000,-). It is very pricey, but the delectable taste will not be unforgettable. 

For more detailed address, check this out.



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