Grand Imperial Lamian – Maxx Box Lippo Village

Besides Supermal Karawaci, Maxx Boxx Lippo Village can be another short getaway for you to have lunch or a cup of coffee as most of the culinary spots are Western-influenced cuisine. If wanting to feel the experience of having lunch at 4-star-like Chinese restaurant, Grand Imperial Lamian is the choice you can consider. 

For those who are bikers, you cannot park your motorbike at the mall as it only provides parking lots for drivers. Well, walking around enjoying the view of Lippo Village is not bad at all, as you will see Taman Sari culinary spot, Benton Junction and U Residence apartment. As its exterior is distinctive enough, you will not be confused of finding this restaurant even from the first time.



Getting inside the restaurant, all you can see is the cozy and classy ambiance just like being in luxurious Chinese restaurant in China. Its paintings, ornaments and decoration are pretty unique and photogenic. Besides, its staff wears a suit and a kind of earphone, indicating the 4-star restaurant service quality. I am shocked a little bit while looking at its menus, most of the price is not really expensive as I have imagined, though.



As its lamian (Chinese type of noodle) is truly recommended at this restaurant, I pick Pork Chasiu Noodle for my lunch, and Chinese tea with the essence of Chrysanthemum to maintain my health – this is a type of plant used to increase your health in China, back then. After a moment, eventually my lamian comes! It looks like a bowl of ramen (Japanese typical noodle), seriously. The difference is the reddish chasiu pork and noodle’s texture that is slightly thicker and chewier than ramen. Well, the pork broth is not really strong enough, making me a little bit upset as it is like having an ordinary creamy soup. But with the help of spring onion and sliced-boiled egg, the overall combination is not too shabby.


For the Chinese tea, it is truly perfect as the essence of Chrysanthemum really stands out inside a teapot. Besides, it is good to burn down the calories after eating pork. See the teacup? So traditional and decorative, isn’t it?

These are the ratings based on my observation.

  • Taste: 85 / 100
  • Price: 80 / 100
  • Ambiance: 95 / 100
  • Service: 85 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 80 / 100

For one bowl of lamian noodle, it is worth IDR 50,000,-. Meanwhile, for one teapot of Chinese tea, it is around IDR 10,000,-. What do you think, folks? Yay or nay?

Check this out for the address.




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