Fish & Co – Living World, Alam Sutera

Its blue-yellowish logo hanging above and tend-seats concept stretching at the center astonishingly turns out to hit the ground of serving the best fish and chips in town. Located at Living World mall Alam Sutera, this seafood-in-a-pan culinary spot in Tangerang never fails anyone within its various kinds of menus starting from appetizer to main course, dragging you to explore the oceans throughout its delectable sea foods wrapped in Western-casual style. Well, if coming around here for the first time, you will see salt and pepper on the table as the dishes served here are almost blatant – you have to increase the taste based on your preference by using them. Besides, several pieces of fish-shaped wooden tray laid on the table as well are for pan-holders. Looking at the menus, all you can imagine is just like reading the real animal and beverage magazines at the restaurant. Out of the box, isn’t it?



No matter how many times I go back and forth through the menus, eventually my choices are Original Fish & Chips, Singaporean Fish & Chips and Iced Lemon Tea – thanks to my ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ voucher. While waiting for the menus, I spot huge tuna fish and fishing rod hanging above the other side of the restaurant. They bring me back to the last year’s holiday season at Harapan Island. After a few minutes ahead, the dishes come one by one.



Singaporean Fish & Chips

Its reddish typical sauce garnished with spring onions on the fish drools me pretty a lot. Along with french fries, sliced lemon and Singapore small flag stabbed on the dish, it looks flawless. While having the first bite, the salty-and-slightly-sour taste is so cute, seizing all my attention to the fish itself. It is slightly like ketchup, but its color is more radiant. The dory fish is very lite and munch-friendly. Bombastic!



Original Fish & Chips

Almost the same like the previous menu, this one has mustard sauce marinated on the fish emblazoned with basil leave to make it beautiful. Its tenderness and crunchy dory fish gives you a sensation of eating cotton candy with seafood flavor. Actually, the sauce needs a little bit taste-increasing by adding salt or chili sauce as the condiments. Overall, this is pretty a hit!



Iced Lemon Tea

The fragrance of lemon can freshen your throat in a couple of seconds as there is a sliced lemon inside the glass, but be aware of its too-sweet taste that may overwhelm the sugar in your blood. I will suggest that asking for more ice berg can lessen the sugar level. Anyway, the drink is free for refill. So, never hesitate to ask for more to the waiter!


Its mayonnaise sauce is very delicious as it is not too sour, but not too sweet. Besides, it contains slight spring onion that will be mind-blowing while putting it on the dish.


Here comes the scores according to the menus ordered:

  • Food Presentations: 90 / 100
  • Ambiance: 90 / 100
  • Taste: 90 / 100
  • Price: 70 / 100
  • Service: 85 / 100

The main drawback of this restaurant is its pricey menus around IDR 100,000++ that is considered expensive in Tangerang. Nevertheless, your every penny is truly a worth. Before leaving, the cashier gives me several pieces of candies wrapped in bluish package just like the logo itself. How creative!


Take a look on the location map if wanting to have a visit.



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