Bakmi Bangka Cita Rasa – Ruko Graha Raya, Bintaro

Who does not know the existence of Chinese food, one of the foremost Asian cuisine coming from the Eastern part of the continent? Besides Western cuisine, Chinese typical food staples successfully travel across its region to Indonesia, especially in Tangerang. No wonder if there are abundant Chinese restaurants you can find in most every regions of Indonesia as 20% of its population is Chinese. In Bintaro, South Tangerang is there a Chinese restaurant named Bakmi Bangka Cita Rasa that is worth a visit and try. Why? Because it not only has typical noodle menus, but also variations of Chinese dishes you can pick. As I want to explore China throughout its culinary traits, here comes my choices.

Pempek Kulit Goreng (Fried Skin Fish Cake)

Originated from Palembang, South Sumatra province, pempek becomes one of lovely snacks that are quite abundant in Tangerang. Typically, it is made of barred or belida fish (a type of fish that can be found only in Musi river, Palembang). For most Sumatra people, eating pempek will be so dull without having kuah cuko (blackish liquid just like soy sauce that is sweet and spicy. It usually becomes the condiment of pempek). Looking at the first sight, all I can imagine is its ultimate crunchiness and scrumptious taste while having the first bite. Fortunately, it is just like what I have imagined. It is pretty a good snack while waiting for the main meals.


Soun Goreng Seafood (Fried Transparent Vermicelli with Seafood)

One of Chinese foods coming from the south-western province named Sichuan. In Mandarin, the dish is called fen si or literally means ‘thread noodle’. At this restaurant, the texture of vermicelli is chewy and mushy. Besides, it is emblazoned with chunked shrimp and squid that is appetite-increasing. It sweetness for me is truly unique as I can smell the fragrance of sesame oil while eating. What I like the most is the generous chunks of seafood meats that is very worth it.


Udang Goreng Telor Asin (Fried Shrimp with Salty Egg)

As seafood grabs its massive fame among Indonesians, I believe this menu is quite a try as its golden-colored shrimp just blows my mind away. Besides, I am truly captured by the way it is presented with the touch of greenish sliced cucumber encircling the dish and plate as well. Simple but not too tacky if judging from the aesthetic facet. What makes the dish different is the presence of red peppers mingled with it, making it a gradation between golden and red colors. Judging from the taste, it is incredibly out of the box as the salty egg blends perfectly with the shrimp itself. Besides, the slight aroma of garlic is sometimes noticeable while eating it.


Gurame Goreng Saus Asam Manis (Fried Carp Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce)

As carp fish becomes one of my favorites, I truly have an expectation while having this menu. Well, judging from the presentation, it looks so ordinary just like at most restaurants. Besides, the taste and crunchiness is OK. However, the sweet and sour sauce disappoints me a little bit as the thickness is not considered as the common sauce. Instead, it is just like a glass of strawberry syrup that is only sweet and luckily, slightly delicious – thanks to the shredded onions added into it. You had better have the fried carp fish without the sauce, I suggest.


Ayam Kungpao (Kungpao Chicken)

Another Chinese typical food that is also worth a choice as it involves chicken, peanuts, and peppers. Perhaps, most people think that chicken and peanuts cannot blend in one dish. However, in this type of menu, they can collaborate well of creating such delectable and tantalizing taste ever. Besides, the juicy and tenderness of the chicken is unforgettable up until this moment. The peanuts are cooked well as well as the sauce that is quite thick and tasty. Its colorful from green and red peppers successfully beautify the food presentation. Pretty uh-mazing!


Es Kacang Merah (Red Bean Snow Ice)

Before going home, having a dessert menu after the main meals is a must to ‘wash’ your mouth. I order this type of snow ice as it makes me drooling. The strawberry syrup and congealed white milk become the epic touch of the dessert itself. It consists of two layers with the first layer of snow ice followed by the read beans beneath. It is pretty sweet and most importantly, makes your giddy mood everlasting.


Based on the menus, here are the scores:

  • Food Presentations: 80 / 100
  • Ambiance: 75 / 100
  • Taste: 85 / 100
  • Price: 75 / 100
  • Service: 80 / 100

At this restaurant, you will find several circle tables that can fit 8 up to 12 people as it is the Chinese style of having a meal. Besides, the price is from IDR 50,000 – IDR 100,000 that is pricey a little bit. Though it is not too cheap, one portion of each menu can be shared up to 3 people depending on the menu you choose. If coming during lunch time, be ready to get involved with the crowd of people who are willing to queue for the sake of the food. To see the complete menus, check on these pictures below.



If curious enough about the restaurant and how all the foods fare, here is the address you can refer on google maps or waze.



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