Tore-Tore Restaurant – Gading Serpong

As nowadays Japanese culinary influence is getting widespread not only in the heart of Jakarta but also in Tangerang, no wonder if there are abundant restaurants that bring Japanese cuisine out of its origin country starting from casual style to the classy ones. Here in Gading Serpong is there another restaurant that keeps holding on to the concept of Japanese style but in such elegant and sophisticated way.


TORE TORE restaurant, one of newest culinary spots in Tangerang, is located at the southern part of Tangerang nearby BSD City. Perhaps, there are still a few people who recognize its existence as it has been established since 2016. Even though it looks quiet and tranquil, its secret treasure is truly awaiting for you to explore.




While going inside with my colleagues, all I can feel is the atmosphere of classy, authentic, and epic touch of Japan through the artistic paintings and interiors. Besides, all the female waitresses put on kimono (Japanese traditional cloth) just like going to the restaurant in the real Japan. What captures me most is the choice of Japanese typical music, driving you to the sensation of experiencing the life in the cherry blossom country. After reading the menus back and forth, it is pretty hard for me to choose what to eat as there are not many reviews about the restaurant itself. The waitress directly tells me about the recommendation menus based on several categories from the appetizer up to the main course (well, thanks to her). Eventually, I decide to order one of donburi menus.


While waiting for the menus, the waitress gives a small bowl of diced unagi (Japanese typical egg) with lite-sweet chill sauce. It is a kind of side dish that is quite a rare to be served at most Japanese restaurants. The salty egg combined with sweet chili sauce is a good combo. In short, only a couple of minutes the dishes come one by one.

1. Chicken Katsu Donburi with Soba Noodle Soup


Judging from the presentation, it looks pretty elegant and well-arranged just like one or two star Michelin restaurant. Emblazoned with onions and greenish type of Japanese yasai (vegetable), it successfully makes your appetite boost up. Actually, the soba noodle can be replaced with miso or ramen soup. For me, the soba noodle will be a perfect choice as it is quite salty compared to the donburi itself that is actually sweet. From the donburi itself, I truly like how the juicy, golden chicken katsu blends perfectly with the egg accompanied by white rice beneath and crunchy onions at the top. Besides, the noodle itself is just great especially accompanied with seaweed and narutomaki (A type of cured fish with the pink or red spiral pattern resembling Naruto whirlpools just like on Naruto anime series). What intrigues me is the prickles that are slightly sweet instead of sour (Indonesian typical prickles), and the soy sauce as the condiment. So fantastic!

2. Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set


Unfortunately, I do not try the chicken teriyaki as I am too busy exploring the rich taste of my dish. Still, what I cannot forget from the menu is the sashimi (raw dish such as fish) that is too good to be true. The salmon fish is very thick, red, and tantalizing especially if having soy sauce and shredded chili as the condiment. Amazing!

3. Butaniku with Miso Soup


I am not sure enough what the name of the menu is as it involves pork dish cooked with sweet-sour sauce beneath. The sauce for me is OK, but it is too ordinary if judging from the presentation. The taste is not bad, and the pork itself is juicy and thick.

4. Nagasaki Roll


Just like the name of the city in Japan that witnessed the severe nuclear bomb in August 1945, it has a very impeccable and photogenic look. Surprisingly, its rich, savory, and scrumptious taste is a great bomb to you gut whenever eating it. The tuna, at the very top, is slightly crunchy even though it is quite tender. All I can say is the sushi roll is almost the same like the real sushi in Japan.

After having the main courses, I am given the mixed fruits consisting of melon and watermelon completed with the ice brick, giving the cold sensation while eating. Such a great dessert, isn’t it?


Based on the menus I and my colleagues have ordered, here are the scores:

  • Food Presentations: 90 / 100
  • Ambiance: 95 / 100
  • Taste: 90 / 100
  • Price: 75 / 100
  • Service: 90 / 100

The price is not affordable for university students as it starts from IDR 50,000 +++ for one menu. Somehow, it is worth it for having such classy and elegant culinary experience.

If curious enough to visit the restaurant, at least you see Christ Cathedral church or Basilea Convention Center. It is only a few meters ahead.




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  1. A moment I thought you embed the google map information here, turns out only a screenshot.

    How cool if we can put those detail where people can directly call or navigate the map huh? Hahaha…


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