AEON Mall – BSD City

Who does not know AEON Mall, the first Japanese-style mall that successfully wins the heart of epicures in Indonesia? Nestled at the southwest of Jakarta and established in 2015, AEON truly embraces the authenticity of Japan through fashion, stationery and food that will make you mesmerized. 

Well, this is not my first time visiting AEON mall with friends and colleagues. Instead, this is the first moment of giving some reviews about its Japanese foods offered there. For this opportunity, I decide to go with one of my colleagues who is truly addicted in Japan. Based on several considerations, we have listed several Japanese foods that incredibly make us drooling. As the spot where we arrive is closed enough to the Food Culture (like a food junction with abundant food stalls, especially Japanese) at ground floor, our first food journey eventually begins!

1. Gyoza by Toyofuku




Based on one of food blogger’s recommendation, it offers the ultimate delicacy of gyoza (East Asia typical dim sum similar to dumplings and suekiaw). And we find this so true. While starting the first bite, there will be sensation between vegetables and meat that are perfectly blended into one. Besides, its crunchiness is from the blackish part beneath the gyoza itself, making it similar to kuotie (Chinese typical dim sum). As we order 15 pcs of gyoza that costs IDR 35,000, this menu is really worth a try.

2. Takoyaki by Yamatoya



While strolling around the food stalls, our choice is to this Japanese octopus balls completed with spicy mayonnaise sauce, shredded nori (Japanese seaweed) and moving hana katsuobushi (dried, fermented skipjack tuna). While having the first bite, be ready to get captivated by its moist and tender texture as well as the octopus itself. It is worth IDR 30,000 for 6 pcs of takoyakis in one box. 


At food culture, several food stalls with give you a kind of detector (shaped like a remote control, though) to know whether your order is ready or not. If it is ready, it will vibrate followed by loud sound. Such a creative idea, isn’t it? The ambiance at there is pretty crowded but cozy as there are many people walking along the stalls to look for a meal. At the front, you can see an ornament of cherry blossom that truly represents Japan. 

3. Taiyaki by Taiyaki Patisserie

After exploring the ground floor, we are about to visit the other culinary spot located at the 2nd floor. Before having the main course, we have this crunchy, thin-shaped taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped pastry or cake consisting of red bean. But in Indonesia, it is modified into several flavors). Slightly different from the Japanese version, this is like a fusion between Japanese and French touch into one dish. One piece of taiyaki is priced IDR 20,000 – IDR 25,000 depending on the flavor.

4. Charsiu Ramen by Kanbe Ramen House 





Precisely at Ramen Village AEON Mall, you will find various kinds of ramen houses starting from porky to not porky ramens. For us, the best ramen contains pork just like in Japan. Our choice goes to the Kanbe ramen house that is quite intriguing as the chef is Japanese who greets us while waiting for the menu. Besides, it offers free ocha (Japanese green tea), gyoza and refill for the noodle. Its charsiu ramen is just like the ordinary pork ramens at most Japanese restaurants. However, the soup tastes incredible as it brings the porky flavor in the entire dish. Completed with shredded spring onions, bean sprouts, and thin-sliced pork as the topping, it is very classic and unique!

5. Spicy Ramen and Gyoza by Kanbe Ramen House 



Located at the same restaurant, this spicy ramen and gyoza look pretty tantalizing. For the noodle, it is slightly different from charsiu one. What makes is different is the thick-red color garnishing the bowl. For me personally, the broth of the ramen does not really bring out the real taste of pork. Instead, its spiciness takes over the flavor, making it quite a challenge for spicy lovers. Meanwhile, the gyoza is surprisingly scrumptious as the juicy and moist taste coming out from the first bite, making you truly hypnotized by its classy look.

In conclusion, AEON Mall is definitely the first innovative public area in Tangerang  that brings out the concept of sanctuary like in Japan. Based on what we eat today, here are the scores:

  • Ambiance: 90 / 100
  • Taste: 85 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 85 / 100
  • Price: 80 / 100
  • Service: 85 / 100

If curious enough about the culinary traits available at AEON Mall, kindly visit pergikuliner website as there are abundant reviews about recommended restaurants there!


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