MAZE Market – Cikokol, Tangerang

The day after April Fools, I clearly make up my mind of visiting the oh-so-popular spot located at Cikokol, Tangerang as several tenants are founded by local entertainers. Called as MAZE Market with its colorful posters hanging above emblazoned with classy ornaments and incredibly spacious area, prepare yourself to get lost in the labyrinth just like on the Maze Runner movie as “the more you go through, the more bewildered you will be” motto will be so true. Not only is it totally perplexing as there are many food and fashion tenants scattered along the market, but also extremely hot weather if it is in the afternoon.





As I visit the spot in the afternoon, all I can see is the photogenic cloud along with the tremendous food tenants starting from appetizer, main courses, drinks, dessert and etc. While going through the food stalls, there are several cute and colorful lanterns hanging above just like the posters at the front area. After spending a few minutes exploring each section of the tenants, here are my chosen menus for fulfilling the curiosity.





Popcorn Chicken Noodle by Bakmie Raja Nikmat 

Established by two sensational entertainers, Raffi Ahmad & Nagita Slavina, the ordinary look of the menu brings out its classic mixture of black-pepper and sesame oil along with shredded spring onions and chunked popcorn chicken. I am truly enthralled by the noodle texture that is not too tough but also not too flabby. Within its yellow-concept and two cute faces representing its founders, RN not only stands for the initial names of its owners, but also raja nikmat or the king of delicacy.

Processed with VSCO
Looks yummy, isn’t it?


Karage by Besar Japanese Food

Founded by two other entertainers, Ruben Onsu & Sarwendah, its karage (triple-fried chicken) menu is so instagramable, according to my observation. As the picture is so eye-catchy, I eventually have this food as the ‘interlude’ snack. After waiting for 15 minutes, the menu unfortunately comes far beyond the expectation. Decorated with long flag and covered by the big cup, the karage and scrambled egg are actually just hanging above with the help of wrapped paper. Though the presentation is simple, the taste is quite good and edible.

Black Chicken Noodle by Bakmie Kimi

Another curiosity pops out on my mind while looking at its signature black chicken noodle on instagram that is photogenically tantalizing. I keep guessing what makes it so blackish while waiting for the noodle. Perhaps, the noodle is mixed with squid ink as the main ingredient. After the menu is served on the table, all I can feel is the unique smell coming from the noodle itself. The taste? exactly like the expectation as I am hypnotized in the ultimate delicacy. Garnished with diced chicken, this noodle is absolutely uh-mazing!



Thai Green Tea by Cha Num Thai  

Last but not least, the epic finale for closing the short culinary trip is by having one king-sized iced Thai green as the boiling weather in the afternoon is somewhat intolerable. The mixture between Thai tea and green tea blends perfectly into one signature drink along with its crunchy sprinkle at the very bottom, making another bomb for fulfilling your sweet tooth!

Based on the culinary traits I have chosen, here are the overall scores of MAZE Market food tenants:

  • Ambiance: 85 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 75 / 100
  • Taste: 80 / 100
  • Price: 70 / 100
  • Service: 75 / 100

For me personally, the price is quite expensive especially in the scope of Tangerang city. Besides, the food price is excluded from 10% tax no matter what kind of menus you order. However, the concept of the market is very outstanding especially while noticing several words written on each green trash can. It says that those who think they are beautiful or handsome should throw the trash into the appropriate place. Such a creative message, isn’t it?




Curious enough to visit MAZE Market? Kindly check the map guide below.



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