Warung Bu Kris – Ruko The Prominence, Alam Sutera

Many Indonesians have known Warung Bu Kris, one of foremost Indonesian restaurants established in Surabaya, East Java. Its modern concept of warong (Indonesian’s traditional food stall) , appetite-increasing menus, and yellowish-red color mottoes will be a tremendous hit for both connoisseurs and epicures. Besides, several photogenic Indonesian food pictures hung on the wall, boosting the ambiance. In most East Java cuisine, sambal penyet or spicy crushed chili paste becomes one of food staples along with a plate of rice. The chili is squeezed or smashed using a pestle served on a plate of mortar. Because of this uniqueness, no wonder if sambal penyet has crossed its region boundary outside Java Island.





Udang Goreng Penyet (Fried Prawns with Crushed Chili Paste)

One of Bu Kris warong‘s specialties involving one of seafood ingredients as the essential main-course menu. Basically, it is only an ordinary fried prawn dish completed with the crushed chili paste beneath along with sliced cabbages and cucumbers as garnishes. However, the taste is something you can not underestimate. Spicy and crunchy elements blended into one, creating a sensation while having it on your menu.


Ayam Goreng Penyet (Fried Chicken with Crushed Chili Paste)

Similar to the previous menu, the only difference is the meat ingredient. It is no wonder if most people have this menu on their tables as this type of fried chicken is getting popular worldwide. Even though the presentation is just like the menu number one, the succulent texture of fried chicken while combined with chili paste will be definitely a bomb inside your mouth.


Tahu Telor (Tofu Omelette)

It also becomes the must-try dish while visiting this restaurant. Both tofu and egg are mixed into one before it is fried. Completed with petis sauce (black shrimp paste) as the condiment, the sweet, epic, and yummy tastes are such great mind-blowing. To intensify the taste, the thick-black shrimp paste is served on a small bowl. Garnished with been sprouts, sliced potatoes, pickles, nuts, shredded spring onion, and prawn chips encircling the dish, you will be bewildered of expressing its incredible delicacy.


Nasi Pecel (White Rice with Cooked Vegetables and Peanut Sauce)

Among East Javanese people, a plate of white rice will taste great when added with cooked vegetables consisting of basil leaves, water spinach, cassava and papaya leaves within the sliced cucumber as the garnish. Spectacularly, the peanut sauce and several pieces of rempeyek (fried peanut and fish crisp) enhance the aroma of the dish, making it hearty and lovable rice menu.


Nasi Urap (White Rice with Vegetable Salad and Grated Coconut Dressing)

Besides nasi pecel, another East Java’s typical rice dish served at Bu Kris restaurant is nasi urap. The vegetables used consist of spinach, water spinach, bean sprouts, pickles, and cabbage. The difference is the involvement of grated coconut as the dressing instead of peanut sauce. Similar to nasi pecel, it is accompanied by several pieces of rempeyek, driving you to the exquisite taste ever.


Kuah Sup Ayam dan Rawon (Chicken Soup and Black Beef Soup)

Eating spicy food will not be completed if there is no soup dishes. I ordered these soups as another companion to reduce the spiciness. Emblazoned with fried shallots and shredded spring onion, it is recommended for you to have this. Meanwhile, rawon is a Javanese typical beef soup consisting of keluak (one of the spices used in East Java cuisine), bringing out the strong and nutty flavors through the dish. This blackish soup is commonly served with small bean sprouts and fried chili as additional ingredients.



Tempe Tahu Ulet-Ulet (“Caterpillar” Stir-Fried Tempeh and Tofu)

According to Indonesian language, ulet means small caterpillars or worms in literal. However, ulet at Bu Kris restaurant is just an idiom expression to name the dish along with stir-fried tofu and tempeh. The “caterpillar” symbolizes the existence of small bean sprouts as the shapes are like a worm. Combined with several veggie ingredients and crushed chili paste, it looks amazing just the way it is.


Es Lidah Buaya Cincau dan Teh Hangat (Iced Aloe Vera with Black Jelly and Hot Tea)

Several glasses of iced aloe vera and hot tea are good choices as they will sweeten your mouth after eating all spicy food. Even though black jelly is an option, it is suggested to add the jelly along with the aloe vera to enhance the freshness while drinking it. Most people prefer to have hot tea as it is faster to reduce the spiciness. All in all, both hot and iced drinks are recommended while visiting at Bu Kris restaurant.


As I am heading to the restaurant, all I can say is the traditional concept blended with the touch of modern style. Not only scrumptious and spicy food served, but also affordable cost that will make you think of coming back for another time. One more thing: if you can not stand with the spiciness, you can custom the spiciness from level one (not spicy at all) to five (extremely spicy). So, here are my scores about Warung Bu Kris Alam Sutra, South Tangerang:

  • Ambiance: 80 / 100
  • Food Presentation: 85 / 100
  • Taste: 95 / 100
  • Price: 90 / 100
  • Service: 100 / 100


Last but not least, if you are dare enough to explore the spiciness of typical East Java cuisine, click on the picture above for the location


8 thoughts on “Warung Bu Kris – Ruko The Prominence, Alam Sutera

    1. Really? I thought it is only in Indonesia :p

      I guess you are not into spicy food, aren’t you? Because the spicier the food is, the richer the taste is


  1. Bu Kris is my absolute favourite! I used to go to the one in Fatmawati when I lived in Jakarta. SO GOOD! So far I’ve not had a better one (yes it’s that good for me :p)


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