Thousand Islands – North Jakarta, Indonesia

Harapan Island, July 2015


The previous year’s Eid Mubarak holiday was really worth-remembering as I planned to explore Thousand Islands located in the Bay of North Jakarta. Prior to D-day, I and my 9 friends were busy looking for recommended travel agencies that offered affordable and economical price for 2 days and 1 night. After finding a great travel agency, all the schedules were set and I utterly could not wait for it. At 6.00 am in the morning, I arrived at Kali Adem harbor, Muara Angke in the Northern part of Jakarta for 45 minutes by grabbing 2 taxicabs. I truly felt surprised witnessing the sea of humans queuing behind the entrance ticket. Around 1.5 hours waiting for the boat to Harapan Island, eventually it arrived at 7.30 am. Before heading off to Harapan Island, an announcement said that it would take 4 hours.

Day 1

It was absolutely tough for me to at least rest the eyes for a couple of minutes during the voyage. Splashed by the water, it annoyed and surprised me as the seat spot was closed to the window. I felt so pale and queasy as the big waves hit the boat several times, making it freeze and trembling for a couple of seconds. After around 4 hour voyage, I arrived at Harapan Island around 11.00 am. Again, the tour guide came forward showing the inn that I would sojourn for two days and one night. Meandering around the island, I spotted some of the local people embraced the visitors with such warm greetings. Besides, several food stalls such as chicken satay, instant noodles, meatballs, martabak (Indonesian Pancake) and various kinds of drinks offered at the corner of the street. After arriving at the inn, I was perplexed by the way it looked. Furthermore, when getting inside, not only shocking but also bewildering expressions emanated as it consisted of only 1 toilet and 2 rooms that were not spacious enough for 9 people. Leaving the suitcase inside, the real journey eventually began by visiting Macan Island using a raft. While on a way to the island, several awesome islands characterized by shady trees successfully captured my attention. A shoal of fish, beautiful coral reefs, cute sea stars, and other marine ecosystems soothed my eyes while snorkeling at Macan Island. After spending 1 hour at the island ended with epic underwater photo shoot, the next destination to visit was Bira Island for another spectacular underwater adventure.
In there, a shoal of nemo fish could be found behind the coral reefs. I dared myself looking for the nemo fish and took a picture. Unfortunately, I could only find 1 timid nemo fish covering itself with seaweed. In there, a shoal of nemo fish could be found behind the coral reefs. I dared myself looking for the nemo fish and took a picture. Unfortunately, I could only find 1 timid nemo fish covering itself with seaweed. As it was already in the evening, I had to stop the underwater adventure, and be ready to visit the last island before getting back to the inn. One of the greatest sunset spots to enjoy was at Perak Island, the last destination for day 1. Besides, there was 3 colored beach with such impeccable scenery. Watching the sunset accompanied by a coconut was the superb moment ever. At 6.00 pm, I came back to Harapan Island after almost 2 hour trip from Perak Island. Prior to the dinner, taking a bath was the must-to-do thing to clean up. However, running out of water was definitely driving me crazy. In the next few minutes, the water pump eventually turned on and I took a bath while preparing for dinner with roasted fish fresh from the oven. Approaching to the late night, several insects appeared and rapidly besieged inside the rooms, making me face another tough time to knock the day off. Because of the exhausting day, I found myself being stranded in an island with my friends.

Day 2

In the early morning at 5.00 am, I and my 2 friends were awake as the alarm startled us. Ambling around the island, I was amazed by the scenic and beautiful sunrise witnessing one of God’s masterpieces in silence and tranquility. Around 6.30 am, my first destination would be at Turtle Island to visit the breeding center by the same raft. Several innocent turtles thrived vigorously since birth until their size were big enough to be returned back to the ocean. As the time flew so fast, the tour guide told us that the trip was going to an end. So, I came back to Harapan Island preparing the suitcase before touching down to Jakarta. In the midst of the way back to the island, there was a famous beach stretched in the middle of the ocean named Gusung Beach. Its waves were split into two, flowing oppositely. Because of the unbearable curiosity, I stepped my feet on the beach and watched its surroundings that was entirely the ocean. The beach was the last destination to visit, indicating the end of the journey to Thousand Islands. At 10.00 am, I and my friends were ready to touch down Jakarta using the same boat. Still, a giant number of humans queuing nearby the entrance that completely made me scarcely to get an oxygen.
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God’s sunrise creation


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Such a little cute turtle



Around one hour waiting for the boat to pick the passengers up, I eventually went inside the boat within the same similar situation as it was on the previous day. In the afternoon, I arrived back at Kali Adem harbor and said goodbye to the tour guide for such wonderful, breathtaking, and memorable trip ever. All in all, what I can say is despite the tough and severe things appeared during the trip, never be regretful of it as no one can ever turn back the time. Looking for such a vitamin sea in a motherland? Do not hesitate to try exploring Thousand Islands located at the capital city of Indonesia as there are abundant travel agencies offering you to the journey.

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