Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

July 2013

The day when my first traveling experience began. Consisted of 8 people, eventually the decision to explore one of neighboring countries located in South East Asia was made because of the tremendous curiosity about the country’s logo whether it was a factual truth or just merely an “advertisement”. Spending a week in there, abundant blissful things I found was pretty worth a fortune.

Around in the afternoon, I was off to Soekarno Hatta International airport waiting for the flight to Malaysia. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for two hours due to the technical error. What did I do to kill the boredom? Asking Mr. google for travel destinations, culinary, things to buy, and souvenirs.

After arriving in Kuala Lumpur International airport for around an hour flight, the first thing I spotted in there was the unique airport’s guidelines such as ketibaan (in Bahasa, it was kedatangan or arrival in English) and tandas (means toilet or restroom). As Malaysia and Indonesia share similarities not only the cuisines but also language that probably sounds and looks funny among Indonesians, it is no wonder that the way Malaysians speak is not too different from Indonesians (in case if Malaysian people use Melayu language instead of English).

First night in Malaysia was really torturing for me as the hotel reservation was only 2 rooms completed with king size bed that was not spacious enough for 8 people. It was like sleeping on the board freezing like a dried fish. At the end, I grabbed the pillow and blanket trying to knock the day off  by sleeping on the floor. Well, at least it was more spacious for me. Fortunately, the hotel was located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur completed with several food stalls and malls nearby. Besides, it only took 5 minutes to go to the MRT station by just strolling around.

The second day, I planned of visiting Genthing National Park for one hour trip from Kuala Lumpur. Actually, Genthing National Park was like ‘Dunia Fantasi’ in Indonesia. What made it different was the inaffordable entrance ticket around IDR 500.000,- . Because of the haute price, I did not have a chance to try the roller coaster as I wanted to save my money for buying souvenirs. To wipe my disappointment away, I planned to try Genthing sky way as it was quite thrilling for people who were afraid of being in a very high place. After trying the sky way, I was off to Genthing mall whose the biggest casino gambling was famously recognized. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to get into the casino as I was still under 21 at that time. So, exploring and strolling around the mall would cease my dissapointment a bit.  In the middle of the mall, I found a gigantic lollipop candy which was not offered in Indonesia.

Day by day spent in Malaysia, I went to several destinations such as Penang, Petaling Street, and Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers. The distance between Kuala Lumpur and Penang was 4 hour long trip by bus, and I could not find any impressive traveling experience unless walking around 2,5 kilometers length to Queensbay mall asking several people the same question which drove me bewildered, and encountered five doberman dogs loitering around the sidewalk. What I expected from Penang was not happened like what I was going through while was in there. Petaling Street was like a Chinatown in Malaysia. I started to know where my friends gave me clothes written ‘I Love Malaysia’ as well the key chains. The souvenirs offered in there were affordable and cheap. I bought some of them for my friends in Indonesia and some snacks sold only in Malaysia. The last destination was Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers that was also recognized as Petronas office building. Twin towers was one of greatest spots to collect several photographs emblazoned with picturesque scenery.

What I missed during the traveling in Malaysia was the lack of local people engagement in particular areas such as Kuching, Malaka, Sarawak, and Borneo. Despite the things missed in there, all in all I should say that Malaysia is a truly Asia. Why? First of all, it is one of Indonesia’s neighboring countries sharing the same season and climate. Second of all, the similarities in culinary, cultural, and morphological aspects. Finally, the lingua franca aspect is what makes Malaysia is so Asia.


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